Be There When They Search

That's the goal isn't it?  Plain and simple...when somebody is searching online for what you do or sell, YOU WANT TO BE THE WEBSITE that comes up first.  That's what we's called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  So hire us and join the hundreds of businesses whose business increases when they work with us.

  1.  Real Experience:  The self-professed social media “gurus,” “ninjas,” and “wizards,” don’t have the experience Carr Knowledge has actually running campaigns in social media. We've been placing clients at the Top of Search for years locally, regionally, nationally.  We've a client list that is crazy in love with our results, they refer us to their friends in business.  We've a nice place to be.

  2. Flexibility:  Large agencies simply aren’t designed to work with small and medium business…Carr Knowledge mission is to serve this marketplace without big money retainers, one-year minimum contracts, and numbers instead of names.  Nimble is as nimble does.  Call us Gumby.

  3. Knowledge:  Did you know that having a video on your homepage makes your website 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of search results?  Probably not.  We do and this is the kind of knowledge we'll impart when you work with us. Google loves videos!  Let us help Google love you too!

Carr Knowledge: No Bullshit

As one of the most recognized social media agencies in the country, we’ve been in this since the beginning.  No “Johnny-Come-Latelies” here.  Our team is hand-selected, focused, trained, and well-tooled for successful and results-oriented campaigns for our clients. In this industry, experience running successful campaigns is rare.  At Carr Knowledge, it is what we do daily, with applause.                                                                                                                                                                   

If you call Carr Knowledge, ask for our assistance, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear.  We know you have a ‘comfort zone’ and we know ‘where you need to be’…so expect recommendations and answers on getting you to that place.  If what you’re asking for isn’t what will get you to where you said you need to be, you won’t hear it from us.  Be prepared. We get paid to say what the others won’t tell you.              

Here's How It Works:

If you want a flexible package of no-nonsense, bullshit-free, top-level social media strategy and execution from the experienced senior staff at one of the most successful social media marketing firms in the area, you should fill out the contact form below. If you’re one of the first 40 to sign up, you’ll not only get the our introductory price of $750/month ($450/month savings), but also you’ll get one of our newest Facebook Audits for free ($499/value).

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