The Carr Knowledge Approach

Forget everything you thought you knew about the advertising business and let's talk common sense as it relates to the core values of Carr Knowledge & your business:

  • People Are Simple
  • No Surprises
  • Is It Good For Everybody?

You know your business has a problem. That's why you're here. You're either not selling enough, a competitor has gained the upper hand on you, you have an image problem, you're a damn fine business and have been for decades but you have no idea of who to talk to so that you can continue to be a damn fine business leveraging new media get the picture.  Before we 'do lunch' or make you marvel at all the nifty plaques and trophies we've amassed, we ask a simple question; "What are we celebrating a year from now?"  You see, we want to know where you want to be, not sell you some list of goodies.  If we know where you'd like to be, we can start asking you questions about the things that are keeping you from being there.  Then we fix that.

Before you work with Carr Knowledge, we get pretty the form of a Marketing Plan.  Think of this as a road map of where you're going, how are you going to get there, when you'll arrive and with what in tow.  It's the common denominator between client and CK, the document that keeps us on task, milestones met, and strategy in place with the ability to turn on a markets' notice.  It also makes you comfortable.  Every campaign we place, every technology we use to support & measure, every word we choose to make that consumer take notice and take action springs from that Marketing Plan. There are so many medias to choose from, and so many ways in which to use them, doesn't it make sense to define every nuance possible before you even begin to think creatively?  We think so. 

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