Brain-centric Instructional Designer

L&D Implementation

Innovating enterprises upskilling to a cognitive culture partner for risk reduction, cost savings, and growth production.  Implementation is seamless, transparent, & guarantees better results in less time with happier employees!


Online & Asynchronous

Need an online university?  The Education Engine is our platform, and completely malleable for all integrations.  Self-Paced, Timed, Limited Enrollment, Re-Takes, Scored, Analyzed, Shared, Embedded, & more!


Brain-centric Design

Along with my colleague, Dr. Kieran O'Mahony, Brain-centric Design is how the brain processes information, and how people love to learn.  The literal recipe for planting a new concept in another and watching it bloom.


Soft Skills

The personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people begin in the brain.  The world's best brands call on us to assure retention of this most valuable asset to 'learnability.'


Consulting, Keynotes & Training

As a keynote speaker, I've taken the stage at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, NIKE HQ's Learning Enablement & Development conference (3X), CEO Space, and more in a most engaging and brain-centric manner!