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Gartner & The Education Engine

Posted in: General News

In a digital ecosystem, enterprises, competitors, customers, regulators and other stakeholders form a mutually beneficial, interdependent business network that shares standardized digital platforms.  Gartner, Inc. recently spotlighted The Education Engine ... More

Audiobook Voice Artist Rich Carr

Posted in: General News

Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising's CEO Rich Carr is also an accomplished voicework artist and is the voice behind hundreds of radio commercials, institutional videos, presentations and audiobooks. Carr's latest ... More

Responsive Website Design

Posted in: General News

The major shift in the consumption habits of audiences in online media has forced business to deliver consumers what they want, when they want, and how they want. Specifically, mobile phones ... More

Multi-Unit Marketing Management

Posted in: General News

Whether you have three or a hundred-three locations, time may be a precious commodity you don’t have a whole lot of these days.  Implementing a robust local marketing program across ... More

Software Development & Database Design

Posted in: General News

Software Development & Database Design   Your business is made with our custom database software development process   With a proven track record dating back to 2003, Carr Knowledge has extensive experience in software ... More

Instructional Design in Marketing

Posted in: General News

Most companies are so focused on making sales that they forget how important and powerful knowledge is, even in the world of sales-making.   Although not always mentioned on sales tips and ... More

Restaurants Rely On Carr Knowledge

Posted in: General News

If presentation is 90% of the meal, why don't you place that same emphasis on how 2 out 3 consumers will first be introduced to way of the internet.  ... More

The Carr Knowledge Closed Loop

Posted in: General News

If a customer has an issue with your business and there's no way for that customer to tell you about it, is he heard?  No.  And you've lost business.  Let's ... More

Your Business and Social Marketing

Posted in: General News

Finding the right social media marketing strategy can be difficult, time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Today's marketers are eager to jump into social marketing, but many do so without a ... More

The Gridiron Game Is A Business Game Changer

Posted in: General News

The Gridiron Game is a business-based rewards system that enhances customers overall experience with your business online by engaging them in a weekly contest on your website.They simply pick the ... More

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