The Gridiron Game Is A Business Game Changer

Posted in: General News  on Tuesday, July 19, 2011
The Gridiron Game is a business-based rewards system that enhances customers overall experience with your business online by engaging them in a weekly contest on your website.

They simply pick the winners of each weeks' NFL football schedule.  A ‘Game of the Week’ is also featured, along with a tie-breaker feature. Once they choose their weekly picks the real fun begins for you and your customer!

Each week, players compete to win a weekly prize.  Each week, they do it again and again...interacting with your business weekly, welcoming the emails that have news on winners, game play, and information about your business...

• Special Premiums
• Controlled Offers
• Couponing
• Discounts
• Things You Wish They Knew About!

We'll help you custom design a one-on-one strategic marketing schedule using The Gridiron Game platform.  Retail companies, restaurants, credit unions, sports teams and more rely on The Gridiron Game each year to solidify a relationship with customers with an easy to use and fun game interface that is completely managed for you.  You tell us what each week's prize is, and Carr Knowledge does the rest for you:

• Emails your players weekly updates
• Changes weekly prizes
• Maintains game play
• Reports to you with weekly updates

Call 360-872-0032 to get The Gridiron Game started with your business today!

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