Carricula: Learning. Not Lectures

Posted in: Events  on Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On August 1st, 2014, was 'soft-launched' to an eager & excited audience yearning for a new model in online learning.  The same day MTV launched, 33 years ago.

"Learning.  Not Lectures." accuratley describes the Carricula difference.  Carricula's model is one of "Teacher Empowerment" according to Founder Rich Carr.

While the difference in Carricula's innovative approach for Instructors itself is game-changing (There are no fees, subscriptions or charges upfront to any 'hand-picked' Instructor.  When a student Enrolls, the Instructor is paid 80% of the course Enrollment, Carricula receives 20% to cover all hosting, development, presentation, and other essential services), the true industry altering piece is the ability to embed the instructors course, anywhere on any platform...just like YouTube.

We present the Interactive difference of Carricula directly below.  New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller Roy H. Williams celebrated AD WRITING 101 course powered by Carricula:

"The online education universe has been limiting at best for Instructors." according to Carr.  "The MOOCs have focused all attention and investments in K-12 and College education courses.  Carricula focuses on the content rich dynamic of specific skills AFTER formal education avenues."

Carricula is the "Anti MOOC" said Carr with a qualified smile.  Carr's online learing & development expertise in use in more than 40 different countries and seven seaparate languages.

According to Glassdoor’s Q2 2014 Employment Confidence Survey¹, revealing how employees value their own education and higher education overall as it relates to their careers and the workplace.

While 82% of college grads believe having a degree has helped them in their career, the value of an education remains an ongoing national debate. In fact, although most employees believe a degree is important, a majority of employees (72%) believe specialized training to acquire specific skills is more valuable than a degree in the workplace. 

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