When you're writing to be read...communicate.  Just as this website communicates to you, keep in mind we know who our audience is.  Should you work with us, we'll know yours just as well.  In the meantime here are a few rules to remember:

People Are Simple:  Know the type of person you are trying to target and talk to them. Dismiss the rules of grammar and diction if your target warrants it. Great communication is most often delivered at the 3rd Grade level regardless of the's about the time span they give you.

Keeping It Real: Face can smell BS from a mile away. We all can. Talk is cheap and the most amazing new and improved better than everybody else's thing-a-ma-job is something that doesn't have enough relevance to raise an eyebrow. Call it like it is, and people take notice.  Tell them what it isn't and they'll think you're the real deal.  Let others comment freely, and you've got love.

Persuade: Speak to the customer about something he cares about. You must relate. Most messages have too little relevance to be remembered. How many of the ads from your commute do you remember? Name the ads that appeared in the last show you TIVO'd. IF you still pick up a newspaper, name one ad that lodged itself in your skull. What's the last banner ad you clicked on? Why? Relevance.

Keep it interesting: Surprise with an interesting fact or quote. Spark interest with questions, bullets, subheads, quizzes. Don't be afraid of too much copy as long as you keep it interesting!

Rewrite & Test: A change of just one word can increase response up to 250%. Write, rewrite, test with sample customers and employees and rewrite again.  Chances are you were too wordy and you communicated to only one person...yourself.

Better yet, let us write it.  Writing is what we do regardless of media.  We write good ;-)

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