Project Management

Dynamic Communication Management by Carr Knowledge is ideal for organizations that need strong coordination and standardization between projects and project managers, centralized resource management, or higher-level reporting about projects and resources.

In a competitive business climate, your organization's ability to efficiently align resources and business activities with strategic objectives can mean the difference between succeeding and just surviving. To achieve strategic alignment, organizations are increasingly managing their activities and processes as projects—in essence, projectizing their business—to monitor performance more closely and make better business decisions about their overall work portfolio. By planning and tracking projects with clarity and precision, organizations can respond with greater agility to the demands of a fast-changing business environment.

Fairly evaluate project status and quickly identify at-risk and underperforming projects using roll-up scorecard reports that graphically display key business metrics.

Integrate critical project data as Web parts into your executive-level dashboard side-by-side with other critical information for a more complete view of your business.

Gain insight into the performance of your overall portfolio by identifying trends and problem areas using powerful analysis tools.

Understand the impact of trade-offs and evaluate strategies to mitigate risk using what-if scenario modeling features.

Making your strategic goals a reality requires technology that is robust enough to support your core business and yet flexible enough to accommodate your existing processes. In addition, you'll need a Project Manager Professional to implement the solution into your business. We provide this infrastructure, so your organization can gain visibility, insight, and control its portfolio of projects, as well as improve productivity, reduce cycle times, decrease costs, and increase quality.

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