Need a sensational promotional idea for your business? Carr Knowledge has generated more than 1,000 promotions in more than 160 different client categories.

We love promotions!  If they have a reason for being - versus something to do - we attack promotions with a vigor that's inter-connected to everything you do. Your imagined end result is always articulated and in full view.

There's no promotion too large or too small.  No client idea is too bizarre. In our brainstorming sessions we create from the standpoint that there are no legal boundaries or financial's good for the creative mind not to have barriers!  Does the process work?  Here are just a few of our clients who've augmented their bottom line while endearing the hearts of their customers and prospects:

Seattle Seahawks Young Presidents Association University of Washington
Duke's Chowder House Harley-Davidson City of Seattle
Seattle Public School District Emerald City Smoothie Budweiser
Clear Channel Communications State Roofing NASCAR
RAM International CB & Potts Humperdink's
Entercom Brodcasting Comcast Tully's Coffee
Surprise Parties Volkswagen Touareg Tillicum Village

The people we employ, and the resources we choose to work with, have one mandatory common you love what you're doing?  We honestly do. If coming up with a promotional architecture for your business that benefits your bottom line, augments your customer database, thrills your current customers and attracts legions of new customers appeals to you, then give us a call and let's have some fun.

Contact us today and you'll see how our approach to doing business coincides with yours.

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