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Every business has by now heard the terms viral, buzz, and word of mouth. Accountable thinking in the world of marketing has been termed "connected marketing." But what exactly is connected marketing, and why are businesses so interested in it? More importantly, how can Carr Knowledge help your business benefit from it? Remember the term "Little Soldiers". Coined by one of the brightest minds in traditional media, Little Soldiers are the legions of salespeople who call on you everyday of every week attempting to 'sell you' on their it radio, newspaper, television, outdoor, etc. These Little Soldiers all say the same thing: "Spend With Me!", "Mine's Better Than Theirs!", "We've Got This Package!"- you've heard them all before.

Carr Knowledge practices 'Connected Marketing' and we define it as; The process of connecting the correct medias to make individuals aware of products and services, attract new customers to a product or service, keep existing customers interested in a product or service, and building and maintaining a customer database from these efforts that will soon serve as the primary media for the customer base. And, we put our money where our mouth is as our compensation is directly tied to your growth. No BS.

Advertisements obviously play a huge part in Connected Marketing. Traditional media seems to take the approach of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors when trying to get you to buy their advertisements. Rock, Paper, Scissors it's the popular sales game most often played by Little Soldiers. Why? Because one can often recognize and exploit the non-random behavior of a business. It is also often used as a method for creating appropriately biased random results in live action 'package selling', as it requires no skill. To them, it's just a numbers game. Your end result is not of their concern.

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