Carr Knowledge

Our story began in 1999. Back then we were an advertising & marketing firm with a solid foot in both new & old medias, and the savvy to deliver the message to generate action.

Today, we are privileged to deliver sustainable, unmatched performance gains serving institutional clients from the hyper-growth development space to the biggest fortune brands in the world with their Cognitive Shift for learning & development.

Carr Knowledge Mission

To rouse & foster limitless potential one brain, one group, one culture at a time.

Our Framework

The most high-value work is cognitive in nature, and our brains are hardwired to learn and collaborate. We facilitate this learning framework as a choice in the 21st-century cultural norm in business, schools, and the home. Our Learning Scientists personally certify all content & delivery to Brain-centric Design’s cognitive framework, ensuring high quality implementations. Online, the framework ignites learners with its cognitive and psychologically safe approach, flexibility, and models for collaboration and deep understanding. Knowledge is only powerful if shared.


The Science

Follow the framework and receive predictable results. This is not clever, it is science. Agnostic to content presented, age, race, gender, Brain-centric Design (BcD) is a pedagogic model within the learning sciences of cognitive neuroscience. Your content is constructed so the brain will accept it, and your content is presented in a way the brain loves to learn.


Endorsed by CEO Space and the Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching & Learning


More than 2-million student interactions online in Deep Understanding




Your Answers

Carr Knowledge: Offers Instructional Design, Brain Coaching, Thought-Partnership, & Consultancy on a range of exceptional options for shifting your organization to a cognitive purpose and organizational resilience. Wise leaders take the opportunity to reset or rebuild their business models and operations for a new reality. 

Brain-centric Design: The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Learning with Deep Understanding. The Neuroscience of Learning framework shifting cultures to learner-centric cognitive thinking.

Brain-centric Instructional Designers (BcIDs): Certified by the ICNTL and Carr Knowledge, you can upskill you or your staff to this Certification or add to your staff as a vendor. As an ‘Industry Assist,’ BcIDs work with you & your project(s) as thought-partners, instructional designers, as well as project managers and content developers for your initiatives. Should your need be ‘Get Cognitive’, a BcID is poised as bench-strength and cognitive elevation for any project or team.

The Education Engine: The Gartner, Inc. spotlighted Digital Learning Ecosystem calibrated to your specific requirements and delivering your workforce cognitive, collaborative, and engaging challenges with every keystroke assessed and reported. SCORM Compliant, Custom Branding, Languages, Instructor-led Learning, Blended Learning, Mentor/Mentee Models and Course Authoring & Hosting all brilliantly accessible on any device on any platform, immediately. 

Neuroscience of Learning Academy: The consumer-facing storefront and distribution point for every Brain-centric Design Course, Training & Certification.


Our Research

The processes and practices represented in our published works have evolved over time from many interweaving fields of literature, research, and implementation. Your Cognitive Shift results in a psychologically safe learning space, better retention, less attrition, and immeasurable savings in both Learning & Development costs, but Human Resource expenses as well.

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