Why BcD

Why Us?

When what you have to say needs to be deeply understood. Every time.

Why BcD

Our Strategy

Optimize human potential via learning through the Brain-centric Design pedagogic model.

Why BcD

Our Vision

Knowledge is only powerful when shared.


Communicating Your Words for Action & Deep Understanding

Your message needs to be understood, processed, and acted upon. We guarantee that.

Since 1999, Carr Knowledge efforts consistently ignite audience behavior by focusing on how a message would ease into the brain, be accepted and retained, and enable the learner to act on that new information as their own.

Innovators such as the Seattle Seahawks, Volkswagen, Nike, Silicon Valley Bank, Aetna, Schnitzer Steel, and a growing cadre of individuals & companies educating their workforce's to match the demands of continuousNEXT for the adaptive needs of the enterprise, turn to Carr Knowledge. Results are the reason: Better learners, in less time, with less attrition, guaranteed. It’s not clever…it’s Science. When you need a growth mindset, adaptive expertise workforce that retains 100% of what was uncovered, you’re ready for Carr Knowledge.

Bcd Company


Endorsed by Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching & Learning


More than 2-million student interactions online in Deep Understanding



Bcd Profile

Facilitated, Online, Mentor/Mentee Marketing Makes A Startling Difference

Carr Knowledge began as a full service marketing & advertising firm, developing marketing plans & campaigns while fulfilling the creative of radio, television, print, and online creative.

This legacy is your benefit when it comes to your course materials. We do it all for you as if you as we do for the Fortune 100 now. We take your fantastic work and show you how to present it so the brain accepts it, and in a way that people love to learn. In most cases, our fees come from your above line budget because of the time you’ll save per course…typically 40% less time to teach the same material, with better understanding, and less attrition because your learners understand what they’re doing and thus, are not stressed. It’s not clever…it’s Science.

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