Less Time to
Present Higher Scores

Present your information the way the brain accepts it, and how people love to learn.

Brain-centric Design (BcD) is the neuroscience method.

Traditional methods don’t work with your brain. Research shows they raise stress levels, destroy natural curiosity, and make it difficult to recall information.

As a trainer, facilitator, salesperson, manager, instructional designer, or teacher, you likely deliver information in the usual way: you offer knowledge and instructions in the form of a PowerPoint or lecture, and then assess your audience on how much they’ve learned.

If you’re lucky, you can scrape by presenting with the model above. If you’re unlucky, it will zap the learner’s desire...like it did you when you sat in class. You know this.

Data has no agenda.

If what you’re presenting to your audience today isn’t brain-centric (e.g. delivered so the brain deeply understands it), then what is it?

Attrition Zero

Tell Human Resources that you’ve solved the Hiring/Firing problem! Industry leaders in high-stakes engineering, interna- tional banking organizations, large-scale medical and health facilities, global retail and manufacturing icons, K‒12 schools, and even mom-and-pop shops see a huge benefit to presenting brain-centric.

After working with us and using BcD, both trainees and trainers end up liking their positions more.

When you present your information the way the brain accepts it, learners retain the information.

What’s that worth to you?

40% - 50%
Financial Savings

Less time to present your material, with fewer people leaving because they deeply understand their job, function, or next action. Brain-centric Design is not clever...it’s science. It works every time.

If you’re desiring 21st-century workers, who thrive with adaptive expertise, a growth mindset, and who love their jobs, inno- vate, problem-solve, and ideate for your Big Idea, then let’s start talking BcD for you today.

Brain-centric Design is the Neuroscience Method

Brain-centric Design: The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Learning with Deep Understanding:

As somebody who wants to communicate everything, every time, when you understand cognitive learning neuroscience on a fundamental level, it's clear that the secret to unleashing a learner's potential resides in the very organ we want to teach: the brain.


Lobe-A-Phobe Cards: Take your classroom to the next level by introducing a cognitive experience.

Any time you’re presenting new information to an audience, you need to connect your Big Idea to all four lobes. In other words, when someone experiences your Big Idea through a variety of senses and perspectives on that Big Idea, they, and you, gain deep understanding. Lobe-A-Phobe cards help you get them to deep understanding! It’s like having an adorable Irish Neuroscientist ready to give you ideas anytime you want them!


Brain-centric Design: The Cognitive Online Experience:

Did you read Brain-centric Design the book and your brain is craving for more? Do you want to put Brain-centric Design to work right away on your Course or Presentation?


5-Day Intensive:

Let us take you on a five days journey where we are going to teach you how to build your course using the BcD method.

We are going to teach you how to tell your story, create your roadmap and introduce your content using multiple perspectives step by step.


Three Hour Brain-centric Design Ignition:

Our BcD Masters train your staff on the topics you need! Stress in the Workplace, Adaptive Expertise, How To Develop A Growth Mindset, Brain-centric Design Boot- camp.

Two-Day onsite Brain-centric Design for Executives:

Let the BcD Masters train your staff on 21st Century Learning & Development using Brain-centric Design.


Carr Knowledge' Brain-centric Design

From ideation to completion, your partner in production is Team Carr Knowledge. In its entirety, as bench strength, project lead, and including production of presentation in all formats.




Brain-centric Design's global donation to teachers everywhere!


Percent Teacher/Student Talk Per Topic

BcD Graphics
graphic-1 100%99.2%0.2%0.2%0.2%0.1%0.1%80%60%40%20%0%TIMTQTRSTSQSR graphic-2 TIM Teacher Instructional Monolog = 99.2 TQ Teacher Questions = 0.2 TR Teacher Response = 0.2 ST Student Topic - Related Comments = 0.2 SQ Student Question = 0.1 SR Student Response = 0.1

Challenge Large Group: Manufacture & Tooling

BcD Graphics
graphic-3 100%37.6% 29.2% 21.2% 11.5% 0.3%0.2%80%60%40%20%0%TIMTQTRSTSQSR graphic-4 Teacher Instructional Monolog = 37.6 Teacher Questions = 0.2 Teacher Response = 29.2 Student Topic - Related Comments = 21.2 Student Question = 11.5


BcD Testimonials

Advertising, marketing, teaching, and presenting have one thing in common:. They only work if new information is delivered, understood, and acted upon. Brain-centric Design is the recipe that makes this happen with your information.

Upon implementing Brain-centric Design at Nike, our training time and attrition were reduced substantially, and our learners (athletes) not only understood their positions better, but also reached their goals faster and were scored higher by our consumers on customer satisfaction surveys.

I was never a fan of the (Whatever) for Dummies books, but if ever a subject needed to be simplified, it would be neuroscience. Carr & O’Mahony have effectively done that for us, making it clear how the brain processes new information, and why humans love to learn.

I’ve engaged Brain-centric Design at two Fortune 100s, with identical results: better employees in about 40% less time. Delivering training the way the brain accepts new information, and how people love to learn, yields happier, adaptive, and stronger employees from new hires through management. They are a critical component to world-class service delivery, and a key foundational pillar of exceptional talent with exceptional learning & development practices. It has been my experience that Brain-centric Design is key to equipping & preparing human capital to achieve an enterprise’s goals.

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