Why BcD

1,000 trainees/yr @ $15K per ($15million)

12 Weeks | Meh...results

30% attrition (300 people or $4.5million)

$19.5 million

Why BcD

1,000 trainees/yr @ $9K per ($9million)

7 Weeks, 2 Days | Finest Results

No Attrition

$9 million

Why BcD

More Than 50% Financial Savings

Solved! Better training, in less time, and with far less attrition!

Percent Teacher/Student Talk Per Topic

BcD Graphics
graphic-1 100%99.2%0.2%0.2%0.2%0.1%0.1%80%60%40%20%0%TIMTQTRSTSQSR graphic-2 TIM Teacher Instructional Monolog = 99.2 TQ Teacher Questions = 0.2 TR Teacher Response = 0.2 ST Student Topic - Related Comments = 0.2 SQ Student Question = 0.1 SR Student Response = 0.1

Challenge Large Group: Manufacture & Tooling

BcD Graphics
graphic-3 100%37.6% 29.2% 21.2% 11.5% 0.3%0.2%80%60%40%20%0%TIMTQTRSTSQSR graphic-4 Teacher Instructional Monolog = 37.6 Teacher Questions = 0.2 Teacher Response = 29.2 Student Topic - Related Comments = 21.2 Student Question = 11.5


BcD Testimonials

Advertising, marketing, teaching, and presenting have one thing in common:. They only work if new information is delivered, understood, and acted upon. Brain-centric Design is the recipe that makes this happen with your information.

Upon implementing Brain-centric Design at Nike, our training time and attrition were reduced substantially, and our learners (athletes) not only understood their positions better, but also reached their goals faster and were scored higher by our consumers on customer satisfaction surveys.

I was never a fan of the (Whatever) for Dummies books, but if ever a subject needed to be simplified, it would be neuroscience. Carr & O’Mahony have effectively done that for us, making it clear how the brain processes new information, and why humans love to learn.

I’ve engaged Brain-centric Design at two Fortune 100s, with identical results: better employees in about 40% less time. Delivering training the way the brain accepts new information, and how people love to learn, yields happier, adaptive, and stronger employees from new hires through management. They are a critical component to world-class service delivery, and a key foundational pillar of exceptional talent with exceptional learning & development practices. It has been my experience that Brain-centric Design is key to equipping & preparing human capital to achieve an enterprise’s goals.

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