Those who thrive have already pivoted to embrace what the world’s leading research and advisory company describes as

  1. Cognitive Curricular philosophies, &
  2. Brain-aligned methodologies (Gartner, 2020).

The Education Agency is the twenty-first-century innovation that guides and supports corporate transformation through times of growth. Ed agency is to L&D as Ad Agency is to marketing.

Corporations are struggling to rewire learning systems that have clearly reached this singularity moment.

Dedicated to corporate improvement through learning, our education agency serves as the client brain engagement resource, where above & beyond technologies, training, & coaching, you can expect:

  • Ideation
  • Creation
  • Planning
  • Prototyping
  • Delivering
  • Coaching
  • Assessment
  • Retention
  • Improved outcomes

Carr Knowledge, the Education Agency, is indeed akin to your Advertising agency for L&D initiatives.

Think about it.  It's about time.


  1. Paradigm shifts are not necessarily easy until the obvious is made visible.


As a full-service education agency, we work with you to create a learning & development plan and content that guarantees learner engagement.   Based on your goals and business objectives, we co-develop learning and development experiences that improve engagement metrics, deliver on team learning outcomes, and keep within your budget.

Carr Knowledge offers a complete range of integrated learning services in-house for a one-stop learning-solution. instead of managing specialists for each element of training delivery.  Services include coaching, thought-partnership, content creation, engagement training, digital facilitation, instructional design & consultancy on a range of delivery options that shift your organization to a cognitive culture with better organizational resilience. Our in-house resources provide several options described here.


Brain-centric Design: Upskill the way brains learn with the surprising neuroscience behind learning with deep understanding. The Brain-centric Design framework shifts L&D culture to a learner-centric model that engages learners in your training initiatives.


Brain-centric Instructional Designers (BcIDs): Certified by the ICNTL and Carr Knowledge, upskill you or your staff to this Certification, (or add one of our BcIDs to your team). As an ‘Industry Assist,’ BcIDs work with you & your project(s) as thought-partners, instructional designers, project managers, and content developers for your training initiatives. Should your team need to ‘Get Cognitive’, our BcIDs are poised as bench-strength and cognitive elevation on-demand for any project or team.


The Education Engine:  Gartner, Inc. spotlighted Digital Learning Ecosystem is calibrated to your specific requirements and delivers for your workforce engaging, cognitive, and collaborative online challenges with every action and keystroke tracked and reported. SCORM Compliant, Custom Branding, Languages, Instructor-led Learning, Blended Learning, Mentor/Mentee Models, and Course Authoring & Hosting accessible on any device, any platform in real-time. 

Why choose Carr Knowledge?

Carr Knowledge has the scientific framework to deliver predictable jaw-dropping program results - it’s not clever, it’s science. Agnostic to content, age, race, gender, or culture. With BcD, your content is constructed so the brain will readily accept and process. BcD presents in a way the brain loves to learn so learners stay engaged. As a result, materials are absorbed, implicit bias is removed, learners are ignited and overall, this cognitive approach upskills your workforce with readiness for growth and excellence. We guarantee a psychologically safe learning space, better retention, less attrition, and savings in Learning & Development costs and Human Resource expenses (https://nola.academy/research). The processes and practices represented in our published works have evolved over time from many interweaving fields of literature, research, and implementation.

Successful leaders are quick to reset and/or rebuild business models and align operations for a new reality. 

Brain-centric Design training and education is how you connect and engage learners in today’s digitally dominated environment to outperform your L&D goals. 

With Carr Knowledge -- Education Agency you get the Future of Learning Today.