Avoiding the Dangers of Measurement

A learning space devoid of testing as a form of assessment. Rather, an examination of the learners' paradigm on the concept presented. One of the Top 20 Schools in the World!

Duration: 43 Minutes

If one of the main reasons our education system is failing is its entrenchment into an outdated 'rewards & punishment' model, we're exploring learning where that model is not in use anymore.  Their assessments are now examinations.

Fernando Salvetti founded e-REAL, an enhanced reality for immersive advanced simulation. It is a system where physical and digital objects co−exist and interact in real-time, in a real place and not within a headset.  You have to think and think about your thinking, in real-time.  There are no tests.  Doctors are learning this way, and there are no tests.

Assessments are Examinations, Examinations for Deep Understanding of a Concept.