Kieran O'Mahony: Brain As A Tool

How the brain accepts new information, and how people love to learn. Acquire and apply knowledge & skills using Brain-centric Design in business, and Neural Education in schools.

Duration: 56 Minutes

There is a new way to learn. 

Twenty-first Century learners will be based in cognition, required to have adaptive expertise as well as a growth mindset.  The problem is K-12 and business learning still us a model of learning that continues to not deliver the learners they need.

Brain-centric Design's Kieran O'Mahony outlines the BcD framework and its culmination of decades of science and research distilled into a simple easy-to-use method. The processes and practices articulated in this podcast have evolved over time from many interweaving fields of literature and research. In this way, the end product stems from a breadth and depth of visionary scientific endeavors and outcomes.

Without the major contributions of researchers and innovators within many boundary-crossing disciplines, BcD and its connection with modern understanding of how the learning brain works would be nowhere close to where they are today.