Roy H Williams: The Heart of the Dog

How a Marketer's perspective on delivering information can help your next presentation. How 'Me Here Now' can help you deliver your message similar to the strategies & tactics of The Wizard of Ads

Duration: 65 Minutes

One of the secrets to getting any brain's attention, is to first answer this question for the person about to receive your message: “What’s in it for me, here and now?”  How does the world's greatest marketer use this sexy brain bit from Brain-centric Design to get your brain's attention in their marketing messages?


For that answer, Rich Carr called the very best, Roy H. Williams.

Roy H. Williams is a best selling author and marketing consultant best known for his Wizard of Ads trilogy. He is the founder of the Wizard Academy institute near Austin, Texas.  Williams produces and publishes a free weekly column and podcast titled the Monday Morning Memo.


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