Understanding the modern phenomenon that has only intensified during the pandemic.  Accept what it is, how to recognize it in yourself & others, and what to do about it.

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BETTER THAN clever. it's science.

We believe in 100% retention of everything you present to others.

With that retention, those you present to utilize the new information as you intend.

We do this by ushering in a cognitive culture to organizations, enabling your workforce to apply creativity, critical thinking, and intrinsic motivation to solve complex problems.

     "By 2026, the most high-value work will be cognitive in nature."
          ~Gartner, Inc

Carr Knowledge developed a learning science titled Brain-centric Design.  A proven scientific framework for measurably increasing retention & deep understanding of new information delivered, it's predictable  100% retention deliverables also serve reduced training time and decreased attrition. 

We produce astounding results from this product of decades of peer-reviewed research in areas of cognition and psychology that align learning with how the human brain works and how people learn. Your content formatted in Brain-centric Design bridges the gap between education and neuroscience to provide a plan that works for every single brain, every single time.

We are an education agency

An Education Agency is to Learning & Development as an Advertising Agency is to Marketing.  Whatever you need to facilitate enterprise goals in the learning space, we deliver.  Everything we deliver utilizes the learning sciences of Brain-centric Design...delivering better retention, in less time, and installing intrinsic motivation of the content presented.  They'll be excited about it, guaranteed. Focus & framework for the one organ where engagement, learning, development, and deep understanding takes place: The Brain

What is an Ed Agency?