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Yes, your brain now comes with 
directions to unleash your potential.
This is not clever.  It's Science.

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We believe in 100% retention of everything you present. With that retention, those you communicate to should utilize the new information as you intended.

We enable Leadership and Workforce to apply creativity, critical thinking, and intrinsic motivation to solve complex problems.

     "By 2026, the most high-value work will be cognitive in nature."
          ~Gartner, Inc

We also understand and acknowledge that Human Emotions come before Business Outcomes.

Carr Knowledge developed a learning science framework entitled Brain-centric Design.  A proven scientific pedagogic model for measurably increasing retention & deep understanding of new information delivered.  This psychologically safe framework increases retention of communication, and retention in talent development.

Brain-centric Design is the actionable brain science giving you the clear capacity to enable your customers, colleagues, and audience to see and feel the benefits you offer, retain that information, and act on it as you intended.

We produce astounding results from this product of decades of peer-reviewed research in areas of cognition and psychology that align learning with how the human brain works and how people learn. 


Carr Knowledge delivers enterprise goals in the learning space.  Focus & framework for the one organ where engagement, learning, development, and deep understanding takes place: The Brain

As more and more leaders & businesses are making the transition to Human Capital Management through attraction, development, and retainment, we are ready to partner with forward-thinking companies as they catalyze the shift to a cognitive workplace.

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