Upskilling and Reskilling


Current workforce crises are based on extrinsic motivation, privilege, chauvinism, and connection enforced by an outdated educational model that denies human capital in favor of nepotism, fear, and survival.

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Carr Knowledge delivers enterprise goals in the learning space.  Focus & framework for the one organ where engagement, learning, development, and deep understanding takes place: The Brain

As more and more leaders & businesses are making the transition to Human Capital Management through attraction, development, and retainment, we are ready to partner with forward-thinking companies as they catalyze the shift to a cognitive workplace.

How We Can Help You


We believe in 100% retention of everything you present to others.

With that retention, those you present to utilize the new information as you intend.

We do this by ushering in a cognitive culture to organizations, enabling your workforce to apply creativity, critical thinking, and intrinsic motivation to solve complex problems.

     "By 2026, the most high-value work will be cognitive in nature."
          ~Gartner, Inc

Carr Knowledge developed a learning science titled Brain-centric Design.  A proven scientific framework for measurably increasing retention & deep understanding of new information delivered, it's predictable  100% retention deliverables also serve reduced training time and decreased attrition. 

We produce astounding results from this product of decades of peer-reviewed research in areas of cognition and psychology that align learning with how the human brain works and how people learn. Your content formatted in Brain-centric Design bridges the gap between education and neuroscience to provide a plan that works for every single brain, every single time.